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We are land and water stewards, building fertility for sustainable foodways.

Selkie Land and Sea is the
first of its kind in California,
a project working with terrestrial and sea production systems to nurture coastal agroecology.


The Problem

Weather, utilities, and gasoline costs have added to the isolation of already remote Humboldt County. Extractive practices in fisheries, timber, and cannabis industries are no longer keeping the economy afloat.


Ecological Implications

Cannabis farming has poisoned watersheds with mined fertilizers imported to farms in Humboldt. Salmon and other catch populations are dwindling. Acidification has largely impacted crab fisheries.


The Solution

Agroecology applies Ecological AND Social concepts to the design and management of regenerative agriculture systems. Agroecological farming practices mitigate climate change, recycle resources, and prioritize local supply chains.


Our Value

Together, our land farm and sea farm bridge marine and terrestrial agroecology to contribute to a healthy, accessible, and equitable food ecosystem.

Land Farm

Production site for the Selkie fertility program: compost tea and fish hydrolysates, growing unparalleled flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Sea Farm

Low impact, zero waste kelp cultivation
that creates habitat, sequesters carbon, improves water quality, and offsets foraging
demand in the growing seaweed market.

Compost Tea &
Fish Hydrolysate


Selkie rescues nutrient-rich fish byproduct from becoming landfill waste, and recycles it along with local farmed kelp in our tea and hydrolysate products. The result is a fertile explosion of life in every package, to bring you bigger blooms and more plentiful, nutritious veggies.



Made from skin-beneficial herbs harvested on the land farm, our hydrosols are distillates of water-soluble alkaloids. They're like essential oils but gentler and more absorbable by human skin.


Kelp-Powered Flowers

We grow flowers using seaweed.

Our fertility program on our land farm is based on composted kelp that we get from our sea farm.

Talk about full circle!


Culinary Products

As Selkie establishes its sea farm, offerings will expand to include spice mixes, kraut, pickles, teas and fresh seaweed.
- Inquire through our contacts for these offerings. -

In Memoriam

Therin Brooks

Everything that we do at Selkie Land and Sea is inspired, informed, and invigorated by the spirit of our dear late friend Therin Brooks. They made such an impact on us and so many others. - R.I.P. -

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